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Jennifer Cobbina is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. Her research examines the intersection of race, gender, and how neighborhood contexts shapes crime and criminal justice practices as well as recidivism and why and how former offenders stop committing crime. Dr. Cobbina’s research has been published in a number of academic journals, including Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Crime and Delinquency, Criminal Justice & Behavior, British Journal of Criminology, and Journal of Drug Issues.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

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In Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, Jennifer Cobbina draws on in-depth interviews with nearly two hundred residents of Ferguson and Baltimore, conducted within two months of the deaths of Brown and Gray. She examines how protesters understood their experiences with the police, how those experiences influenced their perceptions of policing, what galvanized Black Lives Matter as a social movement, and how policing tactics during demonstrations influenced subsequent mobilization decisions among protesters.

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Much of Dr. Cobbina’s work has had impact on criminal justice policy. Her areas of expertise center on police-community relations, youth violence, and concentrated neighborhood disadvantage, with a special focus on the experiences of minority youth and the impact of race, class, and gender on criminal justice practices. Her scholarship offers solutions to improving the reentry outcomes of individuals with a felony record and/or has been formerly incarcerated.

Police Relations

How community members perceive and experience interactions with the police.

Minority Youth

The experience of minority youth with violence and police interactions.

Prisoner Reentry

How people leaving prison manage reentry and integration back into the community.

Crime Desistance

Why and how former offenders stop committing crime.


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Dr. Cobbina is currently available for speaking engagements as well as partnerships with organizations doing research within her areas of expertise.

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